Our Yellow Labrador, Madison is an advocate with the Lethbridge Corridor Victim Services Unit. Her role is to support and alleviate the impact of crime and tragedy on victims. Madison is a highly trained, full public access, Service Dog, from the Alberta Dogs with Wings Program. She is also registered with the International Guide Dog Association of Canada.

We can never fully appreciate the trauma victims of crime or tragedy experience. No matter what type of crime or tragedy one has been a victim of, they may suffer emotional stress on a variety of levels. Madison’s job is to help those who are experiencing a vast array of emotions and to assist in grounding those emotions. Words cannot describe Madison but everyone who touches her seems to have their stress alleviated. She is a “heart healer” and has the ability to determine which individual requires her immediate attention.

Madison has affectionately become know as “The Muma Dog” for her loving nature. Madison has responded along with various emergency services in a variety of ways including

crisis calls, police forensic interviews, emergency rooms, hospice care, and a variety of community centres (for emotional supports and educational/community awareness).

Madison and her Primary Handler Adonus Arlett, the Program Manager of Lethbridge Corridor VSU, have assisted in court rooms across the province. They want all victims to have access to Madison (if they need it), even if the crime did not happen in their service area. Madison’s primary service area is Coaldale, Lethbridge Rural, Milk River, Picture Butte and Raymond, however, her service should not be limited to these locations.

Madison acts as a support in the court room and there is no risk of her swaying a testimony. The Victim/Witness is taught some basic commands and only they and Madison go on the stand or in the CCTV room. Madison is a testimonial aid and an amazing support.

To request Madison to meet a victim, to attend court preparation meetings, to attend a trial or to visit a community organization: you can call Adonus Arlett at 403-635-1166 or email her at