Victim Services

Crisis Line 403-393-8107

Who We Are… We are volunteers who work under the guidance and direction of the police, providing support, information and referral services to help you – and your family – cope with these feelings, and the impact of crime or tragedy. Our services are free and confidential.

If you suffer a traumatic experience as a victim of crime or tragedy, you may be overwhelmed, confused and distrustful of others. You may experience feelings of:  fear, stress, anger, isolation, violation, shock, anxiety, disbelief, helplessness, hurt, depression, “why me?” , self-doubt,

You are not alone… Many people who are victims of crime or tragedy experience the same feelings that you may have. We provide a listening ear, comfort, and reassurance – and want you to know that you are not alone.

We may talk to you on the telephone, visit you in your home or at the hospital, or accompany you to court.

Referrals… Other community agencies and organizations may be helpful to you, and we’ll connect and refer you to Counselling Agencies, Distress / Crisis Lines,  Shelters, Medical Examiner’s Office, and Social Services / Child Welfare